Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New Favorite Word: Shopper-tunity!

Ever have one of those weekends where you wonder what happened to your days off? I have those sometimes and they're usually consumed by one of the following: cleaning up the yard with Mr. Burpsalot; or typing away on the laptop for wedding-related things; or running errands with the older folks in the family.

Then there are the ones that are ruled by that ever-so-powerful, socially sanctioned monster: Shopping. Oh, shopping. Shopping, shopping, shopping. I don't think I've ever swiped my debit card as quickly and as often as I did this past weekend. Sigh.

Now, don't think I let the monster rule me without a fight. I fought back. I just didn't win. Let's just say the shopper-tunities didn't let me win.

Shopper-tunities: derived from Shoppertunity, which originates from a campaign by a bargain store (which shall remain nameless - it rhymes with -arshall's) highlighting the opportunities that arise when shoppers find great deals.

And now, on to examples of shoppertunities from last weekend:

1. My maid of honor, Jackie, and I went shopping for the bridal shower she's throwing me. We bought favors, decorations, games, prizes and invites at Michael's and Target for under $90. Ha. Shoppertunity!

2. I bought (with the help of frugal Mr. Burpsalot) all the Bridesmaid jewelry for under $75. Each lady is getting a set of cultured fresh water pearls (necklace and drop earrings) to wear for the wedding. I bought 4 sets for the original price of one. A-ha! Another shoppertunity!

3. I've been procrastinating about my look for the engagement session we're having with Gregory Paul but this weekend I went to a store called Avenue which is for plus-sized ladies like myself - and they had a huge sale on summer dresses. I bought a dress that was originally $59.95 for - hold on - $14! Can we say the word again? Shoppertunity ;]

So, in the end, yes I swiped my debit card quickly and often this past weekend. Did I break the bank? No. Did I resort to hiding receipts from Mr. Burpsalot? No. Did the stores take advantage of me? No.

What's my new favorite word? You guessed it.

Monday, September 29, 2008

The crackberry is back, baby!

Donald bought me a beautiful Blackberry as a gift on our 7 year anniversary, which was this past August 17th. I immediately became as addicted to my Blackberry as much as I am to Facebook or TheKnot message boards.
Addicted, I tell you. Yes, I am brave enough and honest enough with myself to recognize a problem - no denial here, ladies and gentlemen.
I was writing text messages that took people 3 of their own messages to receive. I was writing notes, tasks, even using the datebook. Yes, it was my Crackberry - and I was in love (don't worry people, the wedding is still on).
And then my world came crashing down when on Wednesday evening at approximately 10:36 pm as I was exiting the shower and walking into the room...I yelped. Who am I kidding? I shrieked! Because there lay my Crackberry, covered in Homer slobber and drool, tossed aside on the floor - CRACKED down the middle! I gasped. I choked. I almost choked Homer. There he was, chewing on the leather holster, after not-so-carefully removing my phone from it.

He ATE my Crackberry! It was barely a month old. And it died. And I've been without one for 5 days. That's 5 days in which I barely texted anyone. And I didn't blog about it, because it made me sad.
And then today - as I got home and checked the mail - Donald is there holding my shiny, new, red Crackberry in the palm of his hands. That's true love (Donald, that is, lol).

Lesson learned? Yes. And now for my Mastercard inspired anecdote:
Broken Crackberry: $0
New Crackberry: $100 (Donald fixed this, not moi, so I don't know, nor do I care, about how he got it to $100)

Extra chew toy: $4

Knowing Homer Love is unconditional and no matter what he does, we still love him: Priceless

R.I.P. old Crackberry:

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Therapeutic Ramblings

I love planning my wedding. I mean I l-o-v-e it. Big, puffy heart with shiny spot love it.

But holy cannoli - I am one tired bride-to-be. And I'm not even making that much of a fuss over most things. We picked our cake vendor with one tasting. We chose our dinner entree 3 seconds after the tasting.

But I feel that I'm falling behind on some things. Like a card box - what am I going to use? Will it be a birdcage, box, trunk, green, ivory, DIY, store-bought? And what about the Bridesmaid's jewelry? Will I buy pearls, crystals, from etsy's, from the mall, all the same, or a necklace and a bracelet? I get so stressed at work that I've banned myself from knotting - I know, blasphemous - and have resorted to coloring books and puzzles to get through my day.

And taking all these rapidly running thoughts into consideration - I had the most wonderful and deliciously marvelous idea (and yes, Donald thought it was all that and icing, too)...

...a Day 0f Coordinator! ::i squeal in delight::

Yes, that's right, she's not a wedding planner, but she's a DOC - someone who will tell me what to do! And not just a book or a stupid list on a wedding website - a real, live girl who will be there telling me what I need to get done, how to possibly do it, and when to have it done by. I big puffy heart my wedding - but I really big puffy heart my day of coordinator.

We booked her Tuesday - and voila - she has us scheduled for a walk-through of the Rusty Pelican on this Thursday. I cannot say it enough (and I actually didn't believe all the brides before me who said this before I hired my own DOC) - if you can fit one in your budget, get one!

It's like having my own organized, calm, collected cheerleader!

I feel like sanity has been regained and I can now wait until my real honeymoon and stop begging for a fake one before. Yay!

Oh, and we also put up a new light fixture in the dining room - it's a pretty little pendant - $15 at Home Depot and Donald put it up himself. So proud.

(By the way, Donald would be so happy I mentioned this: That clock in the background was a gift my mom and dad got once, and it's actually a Coca-Cola clock - the boy's favorite liquid in the whole world!)

He also redid all the outlets in the house to make sure they are up to par for when our inspector comes to OK us for the insurance. And he only shocked himself once! We also cleared some overgrown shrubs and mowed the lawn. We can now see Homer's lower half again. For now.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

And he said, "You're cooking?!"

OK. I admit it. I'm no Suzy-(however her name is spelled)-homemaker. My mom unsuccessfully tried to have me do things like that as a teenager, but, alas, to no avail.

I can make a killer chicken soup from scratch. And I mean killer. I can make bake marshmallow covered yams like Martha Stewart and Rachael Ray's bastard love child. I can. I promise. I have Thanksgiving pictures to prove it, damn it.

But do I? That's a big N-O. My grandma and her arroz con pollo are turning in her grave as we speak.

But that was until this past week when a couple of coincidental, albeit fortunate (in disguise), events occurred. First - the wedding is catching up with us - and doing take-out is taking us out, financially that is. Second of all, Donald starting to notice where he spends most of his money - very nice, expensive lunches. I'm not talking sit-down restaurants, but places like Quizno's. Yummy? Yes. Expensive? Double yes!! And then a few of the lovely ladies on the knot.com SoFla board (my current prime time addiction, sorry bloggy blog!) decided to start cooking blogs. Praise the kitchen goddesses - my inspiration has returned!

Our kitchen has yet to be remodeled (which is a casual cook's turn-off, IMO) but yet I'm still cooking. I have cooked now for 4 consecutive days (today we made sides and bought a Rotisserie Chicken from Costco - long day of crisis counseling, ugh). I feel like I'm in I-can-cook-but-don't-wanna Rehab...and you know what? I think I'm getting out soon. No, I'm not throwing a tantrum and getting kicked out. I think I might graduate! And I owe it all to almost-empty-pockets and cooking blogs! So thanks to Michelle and Melissa for the lovely blogs. Donald tips his hypothetical hat in your direction, too.

Now, if only there were cleaning blogs. Hm.

On a brighter, less chore-y related note - we schedule our tasting. La, la, la. Free food - the thing Donald is most looking forward to about wedding planning. And we now have cake tastings arranged, too. We're hitting up 3 spots for cakes: Edible Temptations, Ana Paz, and Edda's. (Note to self: bring gallons of bottled water to avoid sugar shock). Yay! We're getting so so so close. Everything major is booked. We even picked out our ceremony songs; which are generously being played by Donald's good (and very talented) friend Marcelo-the-guitar-teacher. Coming in to Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars (the walk to the altar at the Rusty is pretty short) and going out to God Only Knows by the Beach Boys.

Only 130 days. 130 days. A hundred and thirty days. 18 weekends and 18,000 things to do. Okay. I think I'm having mild anxiety. 130 days.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

theknot.com: detox & rehab

So I'm totally addicted to theknot.com's SoFla Message Board and that's usually where I go to de-stress after talking to suicidal/welfare-seeking people at work all day. But lo and behold, I knew that theknot.com crack was too good to last.

Recently there's been some drama on that board regarding some vendor (who might be reading my blog, lol, and shall remain unnamed). I posted a comment to my experience with the vendor and I stayed away for a few days because of other engagements (sushi dinner for Grice's birthday, conference/summit @ work, etc). I come back today to see the guy made up a profile, admitted to lurking the board and having his assistance read it daily, and even sent a solicitation to one of the posters/knottie through her and her fiance's Facebook account. And then he got offended when she called him creepy. Oye pero mira que este tipo tiene gandinga! Que descarado carajo! (translation: wow this guy has balls/what a douche). English-to-Spanish translations lose their oomph but that's the gist of it. LOL.

So in lieu of posting on theknot.com for a few weeks/months, I'll be turning my attention to blogging, Facebooking, and general bad Internet habits. I just needed to clear my knot-hate for that guy.

On a brighter note (I think?) I went to the 5th Annual Gang Summit brought to us by the County. So informative. Did you know the real origins of the bloods and the crips?! I bet you don't!

Ok, and you probably don't care. But, it was much more interesting that having workshops or presentations on elder affairs or child care. Or maybe my views are biased/tainted because they fed us. Twice. Real food.

I also just came to the realization that I'm four days (almost three! eeek!) from my five month mark for the B-I-G day! In the words of Mrs.Zero, squeeee! I feel like all the little things I've been doing are finally bringing all the big stuff together. This weekend I bought the paint for my letters and I bought the ribbon to start making the candle and I'm gonna get MS Publisher for the menu's and program's and such. I'm so excited that I'm getting those butterflies in my tummy (I remember those when Donald and I started dating! Those I-forget-to-eat-cause-I'm-so-excited butterflies). I love it.

5 months, here we come! Squeeeeeee ;)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

ugh. rants and vents.

So this has been a very productive weekend for me (thus far...let me not get to ahead of myself). And it's been productive whether I wanted it to be or not. Friday after feeling ::ahem:: better, Donald and I went to AB Linens to pick out the colors, since I couldn't make it to work.

So we're at the linen place and we're running like 3 minutes late. Anal. I know. But anywho, Ana, is a doll and tells me she's a bit backed up with her appts anyways. I think 'Ok. We'll be there in 5 - and she'll see us in 10.'


We get there and there's four people standing around all these fabric samples (that look more expensive and detailed than my friggin' dress). Anyways, I'm not sure who's who - between the couple, the decorator, the coordinator, and maybe some parents - it's a whole lot of opinion for such a small space. We wait for about 1/2 hour (all the while Ana is shooting these apologetic half-smile/half-grimaces). Long story short: It took that couple and their entourage about 1 1/2 to pick out a sample of fabric to have yet another mock-up custom made (from what I over heard it was their 7th visit). It took Donald and I about 15 minutes to pick out what we wanted, the style (bow or knot) and to give Ana the info for the contract with Rusty Pelican. And it took 15 minutes and not 5 because Ana and her assistant guy were trying to find the perfect shade of green.

Which they did! And I'm sooooooooo happy with the color and look of the fabric. It's the exact color of the girls' dresses. So that's a check for moi!

Cleaning absolutely sucks. Ugh. And today I felt masochistic and I decided to clean the bathroom and the kitchen. What was I thinking?!

And now I have to clean up after 3 giant boys (one which is my own) and the furbabies who spent the entire day playing video games in the living room. Ugh. Productive? Yes. Willingly Productive? I don't think so.

OH. And before I forget - I also bought the letters which I'm decorating our table with (Mr. & Mrs.) and the letters for the rock guest book (Wishes). Ideas compliments of Meli and Andreina from the SoFla Knottie Board.

Monday, August 4, 2008

so many addictions, too many work days

So by now I've realized that within the time I've been wedding planning, I've been introduced (actually reminded) of the many time-consuming activites my laptop and the internet have to offer. And now, I've picked up another (bad?) habit. Blogs.

I'm not sure what takes up more of my time. Facebook? TheKnot? Registry Stalking? Maybe blogging is the new contender. I used to do this before. When I was in college and my job didn't drain the life out of me. But I L-O-V-E my job. Talking to crazy people all day long. It keeps you grounded, you know?

Well today was Monday. Ew. And I think I might be pulling a Ferris (as in Bueller) sometime soon. I need to recuperate :) from life lol.

As for the home repairs - Donald installed (no, not by himself, with a friend's help) our new door that leads to the back yard. It's made of steel. Yes. Steel. No furbaby claws can go through that (we hope). All that is needed is the moulding. And then soon we're off to the bank to get some moolah (a home equity line of credit) to pay for the repairs (new kitchen, new bathroom, yay) that my parents oh-so-incredibly neglected for so long. Don't you love a fixer upper?

It's only 11:20 pm? OMG. I feel like I've been up for 3 days. I'm totally for 30 hour days. And 4 day work weeks. Anyone concur?